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Monday September 20th


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"The way to find real joy is the Exact Opposite of what you know!"

Real Joy is not found in eating right, exercising, making more money to buy more things, or even by memorizing scripture...

Real Joy is found through your intimate relationship with Jesus – and others– in ways you may have never experienced before.

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YES! I want to Find Real Joy

Join this 5-Day Live Event to experience the Right Brain Method© plus other proven concepts of

Kingdom Journey Academy 

REAL Joy is Possible and Sustainable!

What is Real Joy?

~ Real Joy is Relational

~ Real Joy is Contagious

~ Real Joy is Transformative

~ Real Joy leads to your Destiny

~ Real Joy is your Strength

Are You Ready to Find REAL Joy?

Don't miss this opportunity to join hundreds of others who have Found REAL Joy!

“Hi Claudia! I am not kidding…I was set free in a huge way after our session! My husband has made numerous comments about a boldness and joy that is noticeably more pronounced! Thank you!”

Cheryl B.

If you can't feel JOY when the world around you is in chaos–then you need this FREE Event

Do you feel more FEAR than JOY? 

Is our rapidly-changing world making you feel HOPELESS? CONFUSED?

Have you lost your PEACE?

When ANGER rises up within you, do you know how to find JOY instead?

Are you struggling to hear the VOICE of GOD when everything else is so LOUD?

Do 'joy-substitutes' leave you feeling EMPTY and still in PAIN?

Do you know how to find JOY in the midst of PAIN, ANGER, or SHAME?

"My dear Claudia. This class was exceptional. I've been doing lots of various zoom classes and this one was incredible. You are an amazing woman. I love how you lead. The speakers were great. The art was meaningful.

Mary Joy K.


What You'll Learn!

On this 5-day creative journey, you will

~ HEAR Jesus Christ speak to you and know it's Him.

~ UNLOCK access to JOY through your Right Cerebral Cortex with creative activations.

~ DISCOVER the pathway to JOY, so you can find your way back when you need to.

~ Be ACTIVATED in creative connection with Holy Spirit to discover the quickest path to JOY.

~ RECEIVE the SECRETS to JOY from me and my guest collaborators.

~ RECEIVE KEYS to unlock a JOY that is sustainable even in the midst of pain, confusion, and chaos!

~ GROW in INTIMACY with the JOY-Giver

... And even unlock your own creative journey!

Begins September 20!

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Connection with Holy Spirit leads to Sustainable JOY.

Do you know the quickest way to true JOY?

... it's through your Personal and Intimate connection with

the Joy-Giver, Holy Spirit!

Do you know that creativity will connect you with Holy Spirit? 

Do you know that Jesus is always eager to speak with you? a 2-way conversation?


If JOY is a feeling that brings PEACE

...Is JOY really sustainable?

Can you have Peace even in chaos?


You can have true JOY and PEACE in the midst of difficulties, pain, confusion, and even world chaos!